Hollins University, Roanoke, Virginia
Each year in mid-July, Hollins University hosts the Francelia Butler Conference, a student-run conference that provides students the opportunity to submit their critical or creative work for judging by both their peers and professionals in the field of Children's Literature.

Committee Descriptions

Art and Silent Auction Committee Description

This committee is responsible for displaying the art entries for the Margaret Cates Award. The committee also sets up and supervises the Silent Auction (an auction by ballot for donations from the student body). Besides set-up and tear-down on conference day, volunteers may be requested to post flyers on campus and in other ways raise awareness for the art and silent auctions among the student body.

Communication & Technology Job Description
Volunteers for this committee provide tech support to the Entertainment Committee (as needed) and to conference presenters. Responsibility for the smooth function of  audio/visual equipment is under the supervision of this committee on conference day. If you have computer expertise, we need you!

Entertainment Committee Description

The Entertainment Committee plans and executes entertainment segments that will occur throughout the day at the Francelia Butler Conference. Entertainment includes activities such as trivia games, prize drawings, oral storytelling, drama performances, dance, sing-a-longs, poetry recitations, and short film segments. There is no cap on the number of people who can be involved.
(clip from FBC 2009 Entertainment)

Food and Decorations Committee Description

This committee plans the overall look of the conference space and provides the refreshments on conference day. The duties of volunteers can include shopping for food and supplies, creating decorations, or food-prep. All volunteers participate in installation the Friday night before the conference and tear-down Saturday night after the conference. If you love cooking or crafts, this is a great committee to join.

Future Conference Committee Description

The Future Conference Committee Commission Chairs gather volunteers and work with them and the student body in order to create a shared vision for the next year’s conference. The commission aspires to establish continuity from one conference to the next, foster inclusiveness, and maintain fairness.

Reading Committee Description

The Reading Committee Chairs oversee the Shirley Henn Award Competitions. These awards go to the best creative piece and best critical paper submitted by members of the student body each summer. Volunteers for the committee come to the reading day event (where they collectively determine the finalists.